Can I live on the site ?

No our site licence for 10.5 months is for holiday use only

Can I rent my caravan to other holiday makers ?

No. We aim to keep the site peaceful and quiet and therefore rental is not allowed

What is the current site rent charge ?

The current site rent is set to £2400 (2019 season) inclusive of VAT and water charges

Is there an age limit on caravans ?

We have no age limit but expect the caravans to be kept in a presentable safe condition

Is there wifi internet on the site ?

No but there is a good 3g mobile network

Do you accept pets ?

No we do not accept pets of any kind on to the site

Do you allow private sales of caravans ?

Yes at our discretion, but there is strict procedure to follow. Contact us for further information

Why are the site rents much lower than the competitors ?

We do not provide a cheap service but provide a quality affordable service for our customers. We keep our overheads low and don’t rely on the continual sale of new vans. We have many loyal customers who have had vans on the site for nearly 30 years which speaks for itself